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Q&A with Victoria's Secret Model Molly Sims

Liz Lange Maternity for Target 10th Anniversary Celebration

We sat down with model Molly Sims before she gave birth to her baby boy, at the tenth anniversary event of Liz Lange Maternity for Target! The new mom shared her thoughts on staying fashionable while being pregnant.

How has your personal style changed since becoming pregnant? It got a little stretchier. I’m into the whole bohemian thing—which stretches! You don’t really think your style will change, but you’ve got to incorporate that bump the best you can. No one wants to be at 40 weeks and looking bad, so you try your best.

Have you started shopping for your baby’s wardrobe? Yes, I’ve started. It’s so fun! Everything looks so cute. A really good friend of mine got this little bib for the baby that says, “lunch is on me.” It is the cutest thing.

Do you have a go-to look or piece now that you're expecting? I think it is my long black skirt with stretch—it’s something that I have lived in! And I will say, in the last couple of weeks, flats have become my new best friend. You just can’t do heels when pregnant! You are forcibly rocking forward.

What is the best thing about being pregnant? You definitely could pick anything, but I would say that I just love feeling him. I do, I love it. I’ve waited a very long time. I would have totally done it on my own, but I am so happy to find the person who loves me and is just as excited to meet the baby as I am.

What is one thing you cannot wait to wiggle back into after you give birth? Skinny Jeans! With no stretch!

Did you play dress-up as a child? Yes, and I loved it. It is fun looking back at your baby pictures.

What do you think when you hear the word “mom?” My mom is my best friend, so I hope I can be one of his best friends. But my mom was my mother before she was my best friend—that came later. A lot of times I think parents try to be the best friend and then they try to be the mom. My mom always set boundaries and really made me respect her. That is something I really want to do with my children. I want them to respect me and love me, but at the same time to listen to me—and then I’ll be their friend.