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Q&A with Vanessa Lachey

Susan Goldman

The pregnant model, prime time TV host of ABC’s Wipeout, and wife to boy band front man Nick Lachey is primed and pumped for mamahood. Here, Vanessa Lachey spills about her baby shower, pregnancy must-haves and being a pregnant celeb.

Your baby shower was a little unconventional, right?

Throughout the whole pregnancy, Nick has been just as excited as me, if not more so. He really wanted to come to the shower, so we decided to do a “Jack and Jill” shower—a shower where both men and women attend. The best thing I got were Pampers Sensitive Wipes and a diaper cake made with their Swaddlers. I had no idea those [Sensitive Wipes] existed, and now I’m obsessed. I got 150 diapers in one cake!
Plus: Watch Vanessa make a Pampers diaper cake

What books or websites are you turning to for info on pregnancy and baby care?

I’ve been reading anything I can get my hands on, but at our shower in Cincinnati, our family and friends were the ones dishing out all the advice. I’ve been turning to friends who are moms and family members mostly. We’ve been told what we need and what we don’t need, what brands to use and which to pass up. Crowdsourcing has been super-helpful.

What have been your pregnancy must-haves so far?

First thing’s first: Haagen-Daaz coffee ice cream. I don’t know why, but it has to be that exact ice cream after dinner every night. I’ve just craved it constantly. I’ve been shopping at A Pea in the Pod, and at the beginning I wasn’t looking forward to maternity shopping, but these clothes are so cute! Every label’s got a maternity line now: BCBG, Citizens for Humanity, Nicole Richie. My absolute favorite pieces are David Lerner leggings ($90; I’ve lived in them.

What about pregnancy has you the most excited?

Becoming a mother on the inside and out has been the most extraordinary experience. Every day is new. Feeling the baby move, and all the changes in my body, mind and heart have been incredible.

How did you tell Nick you were pregnant?

We were on a family vacation in the Bahamas and I had to leave to promote Wipeout on Live with Kelly in New York. While I was there, the whole time I was on the show doing the segments, I knew something was a little different, so I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. I didn’t want to tell Nick on the phone so I kept the secret for two whole days. When I got back to the Bahamas, we went for a walk on the beach and I told him I was pregnant. It was an amazing moment we’ll remember forever.

What has it been like so far to be pregnant in the public eye?

Pregnant celebs are easy targets for scrutiny. I think for me it’s been the same cliché, regardless if it’s bloggers or just the neighborhood gossip: You can’t let it get to you, especially when your hormones are going nuts. Having a strong support system is key throughout your pregnancy, no matter who it is—your husband or boyfriend, mom or dad—anyone with a heart and two ears to listen.

How will your work life change once you’ve had your son?

So far it’s been easy since I get to just take him with me to work! Once he’s here, it’ll be quite a reality check. I’m not going to ever stop working because my work is an outlet for me and I’m going to do it as long as I can, but I’m sure there will be times when I’ll struggle with balance. Nick will be there to help as well, and I don’t take that for granted.

What is the “first moment” you’re looking forward to the most?

The first bonding moments: first skin-to-skin contact in the moment right after he’s born and the first eye contact. I’m making sure the pregnancy gown is altered so I’ll be able to have that tactile bonding right away after he’s born.

How have you been documenting your pregnancy?

Once we got married I started journaling about being married to Nick. Right in the middle of that, I got pregnant, so now the journal is for documenting my pregnancy and our preparations to be parents. I got Nick a camera for Father’s Day and he’s a natural. We’ve been snapping pictures every day.