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Q&A With Tori Spelling


Tori Spelling talks about her new gig as the executive producer and host of TLC's Craft Wars and how she spends quality time with her children.

You are the executive producer and host of TLC’s new show “Craft Wars.” Where did the idea for this show come from?

I have been an avid crafter my entire life. It’s a huge passion of mine! So, I took a meeting with TLC to discuss doing a crafting related show. They had an idea for a crafting competition show, and I fell in love with the idea. We partnered and made “Craft Wars”! 

You have been quoted saying you craft weekly with your children to promote hand-eye coordination. What was one of the last crafts you made together, and how do you make crafting fun and easy for kids?

Crafting is a way of life in our household. My kids love it! In fact, Stella will pick crafting any day over watching cartoons, and I love that. We have an area with a crafting table, and together as a family we craft at least once a week. The latest crafting project we made were glow in the dark painted mason jars to string across the kids’ ceilings in their rooms. A crafty take on a nightlight. Looks like stars across the entire ceiling when lights are out.

In your book CelebraTORIal, you talk about planning and throwing amazing parties. What’s your best piece of advice for busy moms trying to plan birthday parties for their children?

Make your children a part of the party planning process from the beginning. Ask them for their input on everything from color scheme and theme to party decor and foods. Liam and Stella are always so into helping, and then by the time the party happens they truly appreciate it because they feel so proud that they helped plan it. My kids also love actually setting up too. Stella loved stuffing gift bags and Liam loves setting the tables.

You are now pregnant with your 4th child (Congratulations!). Do you worry about making sure each of your children gets enough attention? How do you keep things fair between kids?

Thanks! I'm very conscious of making sure everyone feels equal when we do things all together and then I always make a point of doing activities alone with each of them as well. Stella and I like having pretend tea parties together and we craft making jewelry and accessories. Recently, we made our own glitter lip gloss from scratch and then packaged them so Stella could give to her friends. Liam and I love getting cozy in bed together and watching an action flick or food show on The Food Network and snacking on ham and cheese sandwiches that we make together. Liam loves to cook just like his chef Dad! Hattie is still so young but still, we make sure to rock her asleep and read to her. She already grabs my cell phone and swipes it with her fingers to try to scroll through my pictures! 

How do your kids feel about having famous parents—and how do you keep them grounded?

Liam and Stella don't know that we are famous, but they do understand that we as a family have a TV show and that sometimes we are in magazines. Liam will say, "I'm an actor." They have recently started asking us why people we don't know come up to us and know our names. I explain to them it's because we are on TV. But, as far as being grounded our kids are very grounded. They are very respectful of others and don't take things for granted. I think having a back yard farm has really helped teach them responsibility and valuing life. They help take care of all our animals and love learning about the animals. We also grow our own fruits and vegetables which is such an amazing thing for children to see. They love planting, watering, and then of course helping to prepare the food they've grown. Living a very DIY family life has really helped to keep them out of the Hollywood scene and keeps our family grounded. 

With three kids, and another on the way, what is you and your husband’s strategy for scheduling alone time or the occasional “date night”?

I'm not gonna lie, it's hard to find the time. When we can, we try to sneak off for a movie or a sushi date, but it's rare. We are total homebodies, so our dates usually happen after the kids go to sleep and we get cozy in bed and put out a bed picnic and catch up on our DVR or watch a movie from Netflix. 

Just for fun: What's the last thing one of your children did that made you laugh?

The other day I had my glasses off to clean them and Liam said "Mom, do you see me for who I am?" I paused and was super impressed that a five-year-old was being so philosophical and deep. So I said, "What do you mean exactly?" and he said, "Mom, with your glasses off am I like... blurry all over?" I just started laughing! "YES, yes," I said, "totally blurry."

We gotta ask the million-dollar working mom question: with two TV shows, bestselling books, and a jewelry line, how do you maintain a successful career while raising three little ones?

The simple answer? With a lot of LOVE! I am passionate and madly in love with my family and all the projects I do. I find that if you do what you love, you find the time. It all falls into place and works itself out. I am super busy and grateful for every second of it.