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Lori McKenna: Stream Songwriter and Mom's New EP Here First

Courtesy of Lori McKenna

Singer-songwriter Lori McKenna was named after her own mother who passed away when Lori was just 7. Her sixth album, Lorraine, was a deeply personal reflection on her mom, family, her relationship to her husband and community, and her own role as a mother.

McKenna, who has written a string of hits for Nashville's most marquee names, is now a mother of five who is rarely gone from her Stoughton, Mass., home for more than a couple of days at a time. Family comes first for McKenna, and Nashville comes to her.

On her seventh release, the EP "Heart Shaped Bullet Hole," you can hear why. McKenna is as much about family as she is about her music and art, and it rings through every earthy chord and gritty lyric. The record's not out until tomorrow but you can stream it here now. Who says moms can't have it all? 

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