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Q&A with Nick Lachey

Nick Lachey

The former boy band star, actor, and gushing new dad is ready for some football with new son Camden John. 

Congratulations on Camden John! What’s been the biggest surprise about fatherhood for you so far?

That you really can’t prepare—you think you can and you buy a lot of stuff. You know some things are coming, like the sleepless nights, but you don’t realize what it’s all really like until the baby is here. You just have to dive right in. My brother, who doesn’t say many poignant things, hit the nail on the head when he told me “every baby is different—you just have to find your own way.”

Which baby gear item has been your sanity saver so far?

Definitely the swing. It’s got these little birds on it he likes to watch fly around. 

Any hard lessons?

Yeah—when they start dirtying the diaper, let them finish. They’re never done when you think. We’ve had poop everywhere.

What kind of activities are you looking forward to sharing?

I’m a big sports fan, especially football and baseball, so I have a lot of memories with my own dad at those games. I’m a crazy Cincinnati Bengals and Reds fans. We picked his name so we can call him C.J. Lachey when he’s a sports star!

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That explains your passion for the Show Us Your Colors Campaign by Tide and the NFL.

They’re making great memories with this. Anyone can go to click on their favorite team, and upload a photo wearing the team colors and win a trip for two to Super Bowl XLVII. The deadline is this Friday, 11/30, so hurry up! The Pittsburgh Steelers are winning, but we can beat ‘em!

What dad job are you best at?

Shussing. I’m an excellent shusser. I’ve definitely mastered that art. And I love to sing to him. In fact I’m working on a lullabye album that was inspired by his birth. 

And not so good?

Picking out his clothes—I leave that to his mom. Except for sportswear. I get to choose things like his Bengals outfit (see photo).

What celebrity parents do you most admire?

That would have to be David and Victoria Beckham. I love seeing them with their kids at Laker games. They seem to keep it together in spite of all the pressure.

How will you keep Camden feeling like a normal, grounded kid when he’s got two famous parents?

Normal is what you make it, and I think it comes down to good parenting. I won’t be a pushover—kids need discipline supported by love. My dad was always great about showing his support. Kind of like “I’m holding you accountable, but I’ve also got your back.”  That kind of balance is key.