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Nick and Vanessa Lachey on New Parenthood

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Our celeb columnists Giuliana and Bill Rancic chat with the Lacheys on the joys and challenges of being new parents.

G&B: What's been the most challenging babycare task?

VL: The eating every two to three hours, 24 hours a day. We are constantly counting ounces and I feel like my new limbs are my “breast friend” pillow and the pump machine.

G&B: Any interesting diaper experiences?

VL: Too many! I don't want to get too graphic. Let's just say, changing a baby's diaper never comes without surprises.

G&B: What's been a wacky parenting moment?

VL: We were driving to Phoenix. I was in the back with Camden, and Nick, being a guy, wanted to make good time, so I was left pumping in the back middle seat. Trust me, it was a crazy sight for cars in front of us. I saw one guy looking in his rearview mirror, thinking “What the…?!” I had the huge pump, pink pumping bra, and two bottles going simultaneously. Yup—Mom on the go!

G&B: What baby item has been the best sanity saver?

V&N: Camden has a favorite swing with birds that fly around in a circle, and he is completely enamored of it. He giggles and even talks to the birds. When you need to get something done, the swing is your very best friend!

G&B: What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about parenthood?

V&N: There's not enough time in the day! Actually, people told us this, but we were too naive to think it was a reality! That's why I like Have You Tried This Yet? ( You can get free samples and read what other moms think about a lot of cool time- saving products.

G&B: What activity are you most looking forward to sharing with Camden?

NL: My love for my favorite NFL team, the Cincinnati Bengals. We've been watching the games together this season. Check out the pic of the two of us (below) that I uploaded to the “Show Us Your Colors” Tide campaign.

G&B: Would you like to see Camden play football?

NL: Football is probably my favorite sport to watch, but it's impossible not to be concerned with the number of head injuries and concussions. I have to admit, I'd love to see Camden embrace baseball! Your career longevity is much greater in that game. However, I still regret never having played football myself, so that's a tough one. If Camden wanted to play football, I think we would cautiously support it.

G&B: How will you keep him feeling grounded?

V&N: Perspective is everything. We are blessed to be able to live a comfortable lifestyle, but it's important Camden never takes that for granted. We believe in love, structure, and discipline. And he'll be no stranger to chores!