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Q&A with Christina Applegate

Courtesy of Christina Applegate

The star of NBC's Up All Night and mom of Sadie, 2, is trying her hand at something new—a fashion website for little girls,

How FabKids works: Answer Qs regarding your little girl's style (sizes 2 to 8), and you'll get an outfit mailed to you for $40 per month.

Christina's style when she was a kid: Growing up in the Hollywood spotlight can make you feel self-conscious. That's why I want to instill in Sadie a sense of ownership through her style rather than feeling pressured by what other people tell her to look or dress like. I love the idea of giving girls the freedom to express themselves at a young age. 

Her daughter Sadie's fave pieces: Comfy jeggings and the Boho Twirl skirt.

How your style changes once someone calls you “mom”: I'm more focused on comfort and ease these days. Super-comfortable boots with an easy-to-wear-with-anything blazer are my go-to pieces.

What she remembers most from day one of motherhood: I felt a love like I've never felt before.

On her DVR right now: So You Think You Can Dance. I'm obsessed with that show!