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Q&A with Clueless Star Alicia Silverstone

Michael Tran/Getty Images

Mom to 11-month-old Bear Blu and author of the vegan cookbook The Kind Diet, this former Batgirl is Clueless no more.

Describe your parenting style in one word: Attuned.

Favorite TV family of all time (real or fictional): The Taylors from Friday Night Lights.

What's always in your refrigerator? Vegenaise, Earth Balance “butter,” and umeboshi plum vinegar—yum! We also eat a lot of flaxseed oil and kale.

Last meal you made for your family: Healing Miso Soup from my book, The Kind Diet.

Behavioral/physical trait you hope your child doesn't inherit from you: Being a workaholic. I want to support a relaxed, confident, and deeply loved passionate little being.

Favorite place on earth: Breastfeeding my son and staring into his eyes, while holding his little tush.

Best piece of parenting advice you ever got: It passes so quickly, so enjoy every moment.

First word that pops into your head when you hear the word “mom:” My heart just melts.

What is your favorite green/natural product? The EcoTools cosmetic bags I designed. I love that being green can also mean being beautiful and chic.

Is Bear Blu vegan? I breastfeed, so yes, he is vegan. And he will be vegan as long as I'm feeding him. I want him to have the healthiest start as possible in life, and I hope he's inspired and excited by how we live.