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A Day in the Life of Comedian and Mom Heather McDonald

Peter Dobias

The comedian, writer on E!'s Chelsea Lately, and mom of three takes us through an average day.


6:45a.m.: iPhone alarm goes off.

6:47: Give my 5-year-old a piggyback ride to breakfast.

7:00: Wake his two older siblings.

7:42: Look frantically for the 5-year-old's shoes.

7:44: Go out onto our front porch in my tank top and underwear, retrieve the shoes, and wave at elderly neighbor power-walking past my house.

8:30: Drop kids off at school.

8:37: Place toddler-size dummy into my son's car seat and merge into the carpool lane on the 405.

9:20: I arrive at work. Chelsea Handler makes fun of my Shape-Ups. I tell her it's the only exercise I get.

10:17: The writers and I decide to do a bit for the show about a pregnant stripper. I get cast as the pregnant stripper.


3:51p.m.: Take photo with Chuy Bravo and post it on my Twitter @HeatherMcDonald.

6:06: Start car.

6:31: Still not on the freeway, so I start calling single girlfriends. Thank God for Bluetooth.


7:04p.m.: Enter front door. I kiss all three kids, and tell them and my husband to please put their shoes in the shoe basket by the front door.

7:15: Eat spaghetti dinner with the family and find out that one of the kids no longer likes red sauce.

8:30: Bedtime.

9:22: Press pause on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to get the 5-year-old water.

10:36: Set iPhone alarm for 6:45 a.m.