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Q&A With Celebrity Mom Gwen Stefani

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Mom to Kingston and Zuma, stylish mind behind Harajuku Mini for Target, and sleep-deprived entrepreneur talks motherhood with Parenting.

Favorite TV families: The Brady Bunch, the Keatons on Family Ties, and the Ingalls family on Little House on the Prairie.

Why a kids' clothing line? I've always been attracted to Japanese kids' clothes, but they're so hard to shop for—the websites are always in Japanese! I wanted to do something inspired by that look but that's easy to find and inexpensive so all moms could get their hands on it.

How did mother-hood influence Harajuku Mini? Everything is machine-washable, even the faux-leather jacket and the fancy dresses.

Are you like us—do you ever run into Target for a toothbrush and end up spending $157 on stuff? It happens all the time.

Do your kids have strong fashion opinions? They do! It surprises me. Sometimes I'll dress them and they'll say, “Mom, I can't wear this in front of people!”

Did you play dress-up as a kid? I dressed up all the time. My big dream was to perform in a cabaret show at Disneyland.

What regular, everyday job would best prepare a person for being a parent? Nothing could ever prepare you.

Craziest thing you've done while sleep-deprived: Everything I've done for the past five years, I've done while sleep-deprived.

Guilty pleasures: Sleeping, eating pizza, and watching bad TV.

First word that pops into your head when we say “mom”: Patti [Gwen's mother]. I think of my mom when I hear someone say “mom”!

Parenting motto: One day at a time.