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Candace Cameron Bure's Blog: Cherish Every Moment

Celebrity guest blogger Candace Cameron Bure, star of the new movie The Heart Of Christmas, author of Reshaping It All: Motivation for Physical and Spiritual Fitness, Full House alum and mom of three shares why the little moments in the life of a mom are so important. Read Candace’s previous post on some of her favorite old and new family holiday traditions.

Sounds easy enough. We’ve heard the phrase countless time, but do we really do it? Let’s face it: it’s tough when you’re in the throes of motherhood training, teaching and (the not so fun) disciplining your children. How can I cherish all those moments?

“Cherish Every Moment” is the tagline of a very special family whose story has been turned into my most recent film, The Heart Of Christmas. You may have heard about Dax Locke, who at the age of 13 months was diagnosed with AML M7 leukemia. Dax made national headlines when his hometown of Washington, Illinois and others around the world put up their Christmas lights in October to help him celebrate one last Christmas.

As I watched the movie for the first time at a private screening, a story I was already familiar with didn’t just touch my heart, but grabbed ahold of it, tightly penetrating the deepest places in my soul reminding me of how blessed I am to be a mommy.

Photo by Promise Tangeman

Parenting is hard. I mean, it’s easy when your kids are loving you back, giving you limitless hugs and obeying everything you ask of them. But, we know that’s not the case every day and as your kids get older (mine are 9, 11 and 13), it seems like those moments are farther and fewer. Other things occupy their time, they’d rather be with friends than mom or dad, and then there’s that horrible state you’re left in when they’re too embarrassed to kiss you goodbye in front of their friends. Whoa, my heart. And it’s times like those that I realize I must cherish every moment because it goes by so fast.

My daughter Natasha is no exception to all of the above. And as any normal teen feels, her mom is a total embarrassment. Forget that fact that I was on a beloved family TV show, or that people wanted to emulate my clothes and hairstyle back in the day. No, to Natasha I’m just Mom. I’m not cool, a total nerdbomber. (It’s things like that that make me the geeky mom I am!)  She tests the boundaries and sometimes says hurtful words when she struggles for her independence. And it hurts me even more when we have to lay down the law and uphold the consequences. Raising a teen is no easy task.

And then there’s a moment. A moment to cherish forever.

This week Natasha’s chest x-ray confirmed she has pneumonia. My independent and spirited baby has been brought to a halt. Seven days of a 104-degree fever, multiple trips to the doctor, pokes and prods, she’s had enough. Natasha is very fearful of pain and at the sight of a needle she’ll panic, cry and scream. To get the medicine into her system quickly, they needed to administer two shots of antibiotics into each thigh. I can’t begin to describe the negotiation process that started on the nurse. I’m thinking being an attorney may be in her future! Ultimately, she agreed to lay back as the nurse squeezed her thighs and I wrapped my body around her arms and chest so she couldn’t push the nurse out of fearful reflex. She screamed at the top of her lungs, “Mommy, it hurts! Mommy it hurts!” My heart broke, but I was so proud of her. She did it. (I’d hate to have been any other child in the waiting room that day!) And as she gathered herself and we walked out of the office, my arm around her waist, her arm over my shoulder for support, she said to me, “Thanks for taking me to the doctor, Mom. And thanks for believing in me.” Just typing those words brings tears to my eyes. “Thanks for believing in me.” I don’t know if those words get any bigger for a mom. That is a moment I’ll cherish forever.

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