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Q&A with Dara Torres

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We spoke with Olympic gold medalist Dara Torres about how she balances her 6-year-old daughter, and being an Olympic swimmer. Here, she tells us about what she makes for dinner, how to raise a child that likes to swim, and some of her parenting struggles. 

Describe your parenting style in one word: Loving.

The trait you hope your child doesn't inherit from you: Impatience.

Last thing Tessa Grace did that made you laugh: She came running into the room shouting, “I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER!”

Best thing about being a single mom: All the one-on-one time I get with Tessa.

What's always on your kitchen shelf: Susta, a low-calorie sweetener that has probiotics in it. I'm a spokesperson for it.

The craziest thing you've done because you were sleep-deprived: Um, well…I called people who I really shouldn't have called. I call that “drowsy dialing.”

The last meal you made for your family: Mac and cheese.

Your favorite book to read to your daughter: Fancy Nancy.

Your favorite TV family of all time: The Bradys.

Song that best describes your parenting experiences to date: I don't know the name, but it goes “I like to move it, move it!”

The last parenting decision you regretted: Not taking Tessa to the doctor sooner when it turned out she really was sick.

The best piece of parenting advice you ever got: Pick and choose your battles. Another mom told me that!

The first word that pops into your head when we say “mom.”: My mom.

Last toy/object you helped your child find: A Wizards of Waverly Place guitar.

Best way to raise kids who are great swimmers: Get them into the water sooner rather than later! I'd rather see a younger kid screaming than one who's afraid of the pool.

Your biggest parenting struggle: Getting Tessa to eat better. It's hard to get her to try new foods.