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7 Things We <3 About David Beckham

Victoria Beckham

1. He was vocal about wanting a daughter. “Growing up, I always wanted a brother. In fact, when my younger sister was born, I was quite upset. But then I had my sons and wanted a little girl.” He got his wish with Harper Seven (named after Mom’s favorite author and Dad’s lucky number).

2. Remember that H&M ad during the Super Bowl? Of course you do. ’Nuff said. 

3. His kids are his lucky charm. It’s hard not to swoon when you see Becks sporting his pink Adidas soccer cleats with the names of his four kids etched on the side. He chose the color in honor of his almost 2-year-old daughter, Harper.

4. #familytimeunplugged. This celeb pop is a rarity—he’s one of the few stars without a Twitter or Instagram handle. When he’s spotted out and about with his kids, you never see him with his cell phone. Kudos!

5. He’s raising his boys to protect their little sis. “Cruz does taekwondo, Brooklyn does boxing, and Romeo does karate, so they’ll all be ready,” he has said.

6. He donated his salary to needy kids. A whopping $238,000 a week for an entire season is going to a local children’s charity in Paris, where he played for the St. Germain team.

7. He thinks moms are hot! When asked what he loves most about his “posh” wife, he said, “She’s an amazing mother. She’s become this amazing person with the children. That’s one of the most attractive things about Victoria, and about any woman.” (Blush.) We think dads are pretty hot, too, David!