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Best Kids' Apps Pick: Barnyard Bluegrass

Barnyard Bluegrass

Barnyard Bluegrass

Works on: iPad

Cost: $1.99

For: Anyone who wants to see banjo-playing pigs and bass-playing cows


Kids love music, kids love animals, therefore kids love music-playing animals, right? They will if it’s the animals in Barnyard Bluegrass, an entertaining and educational iPad app for kids of all ages. Barnyard Bluegrass puts a twangy and lively bent on favorite kids’ tunes like “Old MacDonald Had a Farm,” “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and others and turns them into a banjo-infused musical adventure. 

In addition to the amusing barnyard animals getting down to bluegrass jams, kids can also interact with the app to hear specific animals’ solos, learn specific note sounds and even have a narrator teach them about the instruments featured, which include the bass, guitar, banjo, mandolin and fiddle. 

Younger kids in particular will love the singing part of the app where tapping on each animal features a different song that they can dance and sing along to. The whimsical characters and lively bluegrass tunes will make all kids start tapping their toes, just like the big turkey at the barn.


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