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Good Apps and Accessories for Babies


When your baby has the evening fussies… why would you be the only thing that gets rattled when your little one cries? Turn your iPhone into a baby rattle with the iFlick-it Baby Rattle app. Your phone will actually make a noise when you shake it, as the screen bursts into cute and colorful images. There are lots of other funny sounds to choose from, too, including animal calls and silly voices. ($0.99;

When he can't wait to get his paws on your phone… Keep your tech investment safe with this clever device that turns an iPhone into a baby-safe toy. Fisher-Price's Laugh & Learn Apptivity Case has easy-grip handles and colorful rings to amuse your child, especially if you download a kiddie app to play. (6 to 36 months; $15, 

When you just need to know that he's safe and happy at home… Use your favorite tech tool as a baby monitor with the VueZone wireless camera system. Just place the system's cams around your house, and you can access streaming footage on your mobile device or through the Internet. (Systems start at $200; or 

When you need a private place to nurse… iBreastfeed is an iPhone and iPad app from Medela that'll help you locate breastfeeding- and breast-pumping-friendly places nearby. It also has a resource guide and baby-activity log to help you monitor your child's growth and development. (free; 

When you need something for him to scribble on… here's something for droid users: Toddler Lock for Android transforms your phone into a doodle pad—all your child has to do is trace his finger across the screen. Bonus: It also disables your phone's keys, so he can't call Australia by accident. (free;


Content originally published in the November issue of Parenting Magazine