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Screen Play App of the Week: My Voice Baby Lullaby

My Voice Baby Lullaby

My Voice Baby Lullaby

Works on: iPhone and iPad

Cost: $0.99

For: Sleep-weary parents


If you’re in the sleep-deprived stage of parenthood, you know how body-numbing consecutive nights of interrupted – or no – sleep can be. For those nights when all your babies need are gentle ssshhhs from mommy or daddy or to simply hear the sound of your voice, My Voice Baby Lullaby may be your sleep savior. 

This app is a very simple, but smart, concept. It lets you record your voice doing whatever makes your baby feel better – talking, whispering, singing, etc. and then you simply play it back in the nursery so your baby thinks that you’re right there, when you’re really in the comforts of your warm bed. You can record up to four different “lullabies” and use the built-in timer to run for up to 90 minutes of consecutive play. The app loops your different recordings together and even lowers the sound on occasion to ensure your child goes back to sleep peacefully. Isn’t $0.99 worth it to try getting more sleep?





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