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Motorola XOOM Lets Parents Stay Organized at Home and on the Road [GIVEAWAY!]


Seems everywhere you look nowadays, moms are emailing, texting, updating their Facebook statuses and tweeting from their high-tech devices. Smartphones and tablets have become instrumental in daily family life, not only for entertainment (and let’s face it, distraction for the youngins), but also for household management, budgeting, calendaring and everything else that needs to happen on a daily basis in a busy home. For many, the family PC that used to reside in the kitchen has been replaced by the family tablet and can be taken anywhere and can do anything, and everything.

One of the devices that’s keeping the tablet race on its toes is the Motorola XOOM. The XOOM is a sleek piece of technology that offers a crisp 10.1-inch HD viewing/touch screen, a 5MP camera with flash on the back, a 2MP camera on front for video chat, a streamlined design and comfortable hold – and that’s just the outside.

Inside the device, you get a 1GHz Dual Core processor, which basically means it’s super fast, powerful and can handle multiple gaming apps and Sprout, Nick Jr. and PBS Kids websites running at once. Running on Honeycomb, the operating system for Android devices, the XOOM offers everything you’d want on a tablet for work and play. Email functionality and Internet connectivity are a given, but since Honeycomb was developed by Google, all the Google-based apps, like Gmail, Reader, Picasa, Maps and navigation are especially intuitive. The XOOM also offers support for Flash, which is something that the iPad does not. The battery runs for about 10 hours of continuous use, but probably less when you have three kids using it (and fighting over it) while you’re simultaneously trying to do some online banking.

The resolution on screen is very clear (a bit higher than that of the iPad) and makes every video and app pop. Speaking of apps, there are hundreds of thousands to choose from on the Android App Market or from the Amazon Appstore for Android. The number of apps available for Android devices is smaller than what’s available for iOS devices, but it is catching up, with more being added every day. So whatever your pleasure (or whatever keeps your kids entertained) is likely available as an Android app as well.

The XOOM Wi-Fi is available on for $499 without a Verizon plan. You can also purchase a XOOM Wi-fi + Verizon 3G for $499 with a two-year Verizon contract.

*And one lucky Screen Play reader will be the winner of a XOOM Wi-Fi (valued at $499)! Simply click here to enter. The giveaway runs from Tuesday, Sept. 20 – Tuesday, Sept. 27. You can read the official rules here. Good luck! 




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