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A is for Alphaberry - Great Gadgets for Tots

B. toys

There are so many great mobile apps for kids who are learning their ABCs, but if you don’t want to give up your iPhone and subject it to relentless pushing, tapping, drops and drool, the Alphaberry by B. toys is a great alternative. Fashioned to look just like mom’s BlackBerry, the Alphaberry is a cute little gadget that any letter-learning tot will love. 

It’s very simple in design, which makes it easy for kids to see and press a button for each letter. A-Z is prominently featured and any time a button is pressed, the letter appears on screen and is read aloud. Kids can customize the screen color and also adjust the volume with the little dial on the side. And even with the volume control, it at its loudest is still very manageable to listen to repetitively, unlike other electronic toys that are too loud or just plain annoying. 

In addition to teaching letters, the Alphaberry also comes with four jazzy versions of the alphabet song, ones that will get any diapered bottom off the ground and dancing. The device has an auto shut-off feature so you don’t have to worry about those batteries draining. 

Also cool is that the toy comes in a beautifully designed box that you can give as the gift itself – no last-minute wrapping required! If you’re looking for a simple and inexpensive “gadget” for your young child, you can’t go wrong with the Alphaberry.

Click here to find a store near you that carries the Alphaberry (pricing varies from approximately $15-20 depending on retailer).








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