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Angry Birds Comes to Facebook

Angry Birds

Ask any grade schooler what Angry Birds is and you’ll likely be met with excited, highly-animated responses about red birds, slingshots and grunty pigs. What started as a mobile app has now expanded to plush dolls, board games, even a cookbook, and the frenzy is continuing. This time on Facebook. Widely anticipated, Angry Birds is finally available on the social network. 

Just what we need, yet another reason to hang out on Facebook, right?

You, your kids, friends, parents, babysitters, and everyone else who is obsessed with this game can now play directly on Facebook. The game features the same strategies, scenes and characters as the mobile version, but the Facebook version comes with social elements, exclusive new levels designed for Facebook users and power-ups (special skills like ‘more power’ or ‘better targeting.’) 

In addition to playing while checking out friends’ status updates, players can also compete with other Facebookers, gloat about the highest level just achieved and also gift Facebook besties Angry Birds treats through the site. Those who join the 1.5 million others who are fans of the Angry Birds page are also privy to free power-ups. 

Now that Angry Birds can be played on Facebook, maybe you’ll finally get your mobile phone back from your kids.









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