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App of the Week: Coin Flip by Story Bots

Coin Flip by Story Bot

Coin Flip
Works on: iOS
Cost: FREE

If you have multiple kids, how many times have you found them arguing over who gets to go first, who picks first, who gets what…those sibling arguments are endless – and countless. My kids always revert to Rock, Paper, Scissors, but then 2 out of 3 inevitably becomes 3 out of 5 which then becomes 5 out of 7. Endless negotiations. 

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Why not nip all the rocks and paper and arguments in the bud with this handy Coin Flip app that should become the ultimate decider of any and all disagreements. Assuming both parties agree with this mode of decision-making, Coin Flip lets you put a child’s face on each side of the coin and then you flip and it makes the decision for you. 

Coin Flip makes those decisions a little more fun and will hopefully end those squabbles in the process. Any app that will prevent the bickering is one worth checking out.

Coin Flip app for iOS to end those sibling argumentsCoin Flip app for iOS to end sibling arguments

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