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App Pick of the Week: Club Caveman

Club Caveman

Club Caveman

Cost: $0.99

Works on: iOS


It’s not every day that you get to interact with and speak to a caveman, let alone get him to act out commands, but with this new app, you can. Club Caveman, developed by Caffeine-Free, is a beautifully designed and well-animated app, which is no surprise, since the team is comprised of Dreamworks animators. 

The caveman is a funny character that responds to kids’ voices and on-screen prompts. He can dance, jump, grunt to kids’ delight and will also do funny things like walk into the “screen” and hit himself over the head with his caveman club. 

It takes a couple minutes to get to know the caveman and figure out how smart he is to do what it is that you want him to do. While kids are learning about his behavior, they’ll have fun watching his mannerisms, his hilarious facial expressions and the quirky way that he moves. 

With Club Caveman, you feel like you’re watching a movie (the animation is that good), and getting to interact with this character onscreen makes for an even more fun app experience that kids of all ages will enjoy.

Check out a preview of the app in action:  





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