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App Pick of the Week: Kids Media

Common Sense Media

Kids Media

Works on: iPhone and iPad   

Cost: FREE

For: Parents who need help finding the best movies, TV, video games, etc. for their kids


Any time my kids see an ad for a kids’ movie, they add it to their “wanna see” list, but in my past experience, sometimes the ratings haven’t matched up with the film’s content. My kids have seen G movies that have had scary parts and PG movies that they have been totally fine with. Without pre-screening the film (or TV show) first, it can be hard to know what parts they’ll need to cover their eyes for or where the fast forward button will be needed.

But with the Kids Media app from Common Sense Media, you can get a whole overview of the flick before you even sit down. The comprehensive app provides ratings, reviews, insight on questionable content (violence, adult-themed, foul language, etc.), storyline details and everything that a parent would want to know. And not just movies. The Kids Media app also includes reviews of TV shows, video games, apps, books, music and websites, with the same level of detail and knowledge to help you make informed decisions about what is age appropriate. There are nearly 18,000 items reviewed, so whatever you’re looking for, you’ll likely find.

You can create profiles for each kid and cull the best media for them based on age, or use the recommendations feature to find content they will like. There’s also a great compilations of reviews like “Best Holiday Movies for Kids” or “Homework Help Websites.” If you find something you like, the app takes you directly to iTunes to purchase or use the cool barcode scanner to check on a review of something if you’re in a store and pondering a purchase.

It’s hard to believe that an app this rife with helpful information is completely free. Saving my kids from potential nightmares over “bad guys” they’ve seen is something I’d definitely pay for.




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