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App of the Week: Is It Contagious?

Is It Contagious?

Is It Contagious?

Works on: iOS and Android devices  

Cost: FREE

For: Parents whose kids get sick (so...everyone)


Back-to-school has quickly morphed into back-to-runny noses. Ah, the lovely germs, viruses and bugs that kids pick up, pass around to each other and bring home. Kids’ getting sick is inevitable, but it can be hard to know when that persistent cough should keep them grounded and quarantined or sent off to a friend’s house with a couple lozenges. 

That’s when the Is it Contagious? app by KidsHealth can be a good resource to refer to. While this should no means serve as a substitute for real medical advice and treatment, the app gives parents information and the level of contagiousness for more than 85 conditions, such as pinkeye, bronchitis, whooping cough and much more. 

There are even photo illustrations for many of the listings and helpful information on when to seek immediate medical attention. With the changing seasons and the approaching flu season, there’s no doubt that there will be times when you just wonder…is it contagious?

Is It Contagious?





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