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Baby Swings Go High-Tech with mamaRoo [GIVEAWAY!]


When my kids were newborns, we relied heavily on our baby swing. For my motion-obsessed kin, swing-time was sometimes the only way to get them to calm down and was a very welcome substitute for me (and my quads) from having to bounce on a huge exercise ball for hours on end.

While the different checklists of essentials you need when you bring your newborn home contain umpteenth products that aren’t necessary, I really would consider a baby swing/bouncer as one of those must-have items. Even though those wonderful newborn days weren’t that long ago in our household, just a handful of years, it’s amazing to see how high-tech these new baby swings/bouncers have gotten.

The mamaRoo by 4moms is the next generation of motion-based comfort for babies. The streamlined design and digital display make it look like something out of The Jetsons and the motion patterns are even more high-tech. Designed to “move like you do,” the mamaRoo offers a wide base that the seat rests on, allowing for a wide range of movement, much more diverse than the standard back-and-forth or side-to-side. There are five motion patterns that provide great variety for your baby, depending on what he or she needs. (Note: the swing movement is quite slow and calm, unlike some of the more vigorous swing options that other products offer.)

The seat is encased in a soft plush cover (that’s washable, of course) and can be reclined to any position that makes sense for your baby. It can also hold children up to 25 lbs., so it’s something that you can use for many months. In addition to the comfort factor, there are also built-in sounds that you can rely on such as white noise or running water to lull your child into a calm slumber or even an MP3 player plug so you can use your own lullabies or kids’ tunes to soothe your baby.

The mamaRoo is also plugged into the wall which I can appreciate, especially after having experienced those moments when all my baby needed was swing time, but realizing that I was out of D batteries (the horror!). It comes in six fashionable designs and also has a mobile of three plush attachments that your babies can play with and study when they’re awake and alert.

The mamaRoo is one of those baby products that makes those first couple months with newborn easier. Anything that falls into that category is an essential in my book.


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The giveaway runs from Wednesday, March 28 – Wednesday, April 4. Good luck!