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Back Up Those Precious Kid Photos with SugarSync [new iPad GIVEAWAY]


Take a moment to count the various tech gadgets you have in your house. Are there three, four, five, maybe even six or more? Not surprising. We live in a very gadget-focused world and whether you have an iPhone, a Droid, an iPad, a PC, a MacBook or some combination of all of the above, there is a LOT of data housed on each of your devices that you’d be devastated to lose. 

That’s where online back-up is critical. There are many back-up solutions on the market and benefits to each, depending on what you’re looking for. SugarSync is one of the leaders in cloud-based back-up and remote data retrieval and has been saving people’s files (and sanity) since 2004. 

SugarSync provides the ultimate in back-up and syncing services so that any and all information you’re transmitting to, from and between your devices is completely secure. Busy parents will appreciate the photo syncing and back-up. If you are like me and use your iPhone as your primary day-to-day camera, those hundreds, if not thousands, of photos you have stored of your kids’ lives on your phone can be backed up with a few clicks. 

While I wouldn’t recommend trying to upload and sync 1,000+ photos like I did (the iPhone app didn’t seem to like that much), saving your photos in batches (approximately 300 at a time) works just fine and ensures that those precious moments are safe and sound in the cloud. And rest assured, all data transferred is securely encrypted so no one else can access it but you. But, if you do want to share files, folders and photos, you can do so directly from the mobile apps as well. 

Another hugely attractive feature of SugarSync is the ability to access all your important documents, files, folders and media wherever you are, on whatever device you have in your pocket. Between the desktop-based SugarSync manager and the mobile apps they offer for iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and Windows phones, you’re covered. The service is totally customizable so you can designate which folders you want to automatically sync and which devices you want to link together. 

Because everything is stored in the cloud, changes that you make across all synced devices are updated immediately, like if you make an edit to a document or delete a photo. If you’ve ever experienced the trauma of a computer crash, it’s not pleasant, but knowing that your data is safe in a remote place with SugarSync makes that kind of situation a lot more bearable. 

SugarSync is free to sign up and comes with a whopping 5 GB of free storage, which can store up to 500 documents, 2,000 photos or 2,000 songs. Larger storage plans are available for a fee, starting at $4.99 per month

Regardless of which devices you have and how much data you have on them, it’s a good idea to think about backing them up. SugarSync offers the convenience of accessing your favorite photos and files from anywhere at any time, and more importantly, gives you peace of mind. 



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