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‘Like’ Beech-Nut’s “A Jar For A Jar” on Facebook to Fight Childhood Hunger

A Jar For A Jar

We often talk about the rise of childhood obesity in this country, but an equally heartbreaking epidemic is the number of hungry children in America. Recent figures indicate that there are roughly 17.2 million children living in ‘food-insecure’ households, which means that limited money and resources inhibit access to sufficient food.

Beech-Nut, a leading provider of baby food, has created a Facebook campaign called, “A Jar For A Jar” to help this important cause, and all it takes is one click on your part. Facebook users simply need to visit Beech-Nut’s Facebook page and 'like' it, which then gives you the opportunity to automatically share a virtual jar. For every jar shared, an actual jar of food will be donated to Feed The Children, a humanitarian and hunger-relief agency.  

Beech-Nut has committed to donating one million jars and has enlisted the help of celebrity spokesperson Melissa Joan Hart. She says, “Beech-Nut cares about real issues that moms care about. They make wholesome, natural products that moms can trust, and they support causes that help children in need. As a mom, that’s what I care about. That’s why I got involved in this campaign.”

So far, there have been almost 106,000 jars shared, but with a million jars as the goal, there is a ways to go. While you’re on the Facebook page, you can also print coupons for $2 off 16 Beech-Nut baby food jars and $1 off any Beech-Nut Stage 4 or Toddler product.

It really only takes a couple seconds - and a couple clicks - to make a difference in the life of a hungry child. 





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