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Belly Ballot Makes Baby-Naming Social

Belly Ballot

If you’re in a quandary about what to name your baby-to-be, how about letting your wider social network of friends and family vote to narrow down the choices? It worked for Dave and Lindsey Meske earlier this year who created a poll on Facebook to decide on a name for their little girl (Madelyn won the vote). 

A new startup called Belly Ballot is taking baby name suggestions to a different level and letting your social networks on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest have a say. The process is pretty simple. You create a ‘Belly Ballot’ of names that you like and then you share it with everyone you want feedback from. Friends and family from near and far can provide input, vote and even offer suggestions for other names that you may have not previously considered (which may make the naming process even harder!).   

This site is obviously not for the population of people who are fiercely protective of baby names and refuse to even divulge possibilities. But for those who are open with their options and want other people’s suggestions, it could be a fun and interactive way to decide on a name for that bun in the oven. 

Here’s a quick video on how it works:  




What do you think about crowdsourced baby-naming? Would you do it?





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