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Best Kids' Apps Pick: Wonderopolis



Works on: iOS and Android devices

Cost: FREE

For: School-age kids and up who want to learn a new fun fact everyday


What makes blue cheese blue?

Who invented the high five?

What happens if you swallow gum?

How much rain can a cloud hold?

What’s a googol?


Remember the stage of life when toddlers start every single sentence with “why?” The questions upon questions about anything and everything are when kids are learning about world around them and trying to make sense of everything. If your kids haven’t grown out of this stage of life (or you haven’t either!) and still have that sense of wonder about the way the world works, the Wonderopolis app is a perfect way to satisfy that need-to-know. 

Created by the National Center for Family Literacy, Wonderopolis is a fantastically cool app that teaches curious users a new fun fact every day. As you can see from the small sampling of questions above, all different kinds of topics are covered. The answers are in-depth and educational, most of which are accompanied with a related video that helps elucidate the answer even further. 

There are more than 560 facts/wonders in Wonderopolis right now, making for hours of education and learning fun all in one app – the facts are also available on the Wonderoplis website. You can browse through all the entries or use the search functionality to find facts in specific categories like Animals, Biography, Cultures of the World, Earth, Exercise, Food, Geography, Nature, Oceans and many more. And if you find an especially tantalizing fact, you can share the knowledge with your social networks on Twitter or “Like” it on Facebook. 

This educational and informative app offers a bounty of fun facts that anyone would be better off knowing. After all, knowing that a “googol” is 1 followed by 100 zeroes may come in very handy one day.  






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