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Consider the gift of music this Christmas with the Digital Korg microPIANO (GIVEAWAY!)

Korg microPIANO

With Dec. 25th rapidly approaching, kids are busy making their last requests to Santa and probably their last pleas to you for what they want to see under the tree on Christmas morning. While tech gadgets are topping the list of “most wanted” toys, there are many other electronics to consider that would make wonderful gifts for kids. 

If you’ve ever thought about getting your child into music or introducing lessons, consider an electronic instrument. The Korg microPIANO digital piano is a fantastic foray into musical learning for any young child. While atypical of the usual kinds of products covered in Screen Play, this electronic “toy”/instrument not only is educational and fun, but has benefits more far reaching than many of the other battery-operated toys on the market. There have been countless studies on the positive effect that music has on kids’ brains and moreover, how musical training can have a lifelong impact on kids’ development and brain function. They don’t call it the ‘Mozart Effect’ for nothing. 

From the looks alone, the Korg microPIANO would make a sleek addition to any room. It is designed like a grand piano – it even has a lid that opens, yet is lightweight (11 lbs.) and compact (30 inches wide) so kids can quickly feel comfortable getting used to playing. The microPIANO features 61 keys in total and also offers 40 “demo” songs featuring mostly classical compositions that kids can listen to or just play as background music. 

In addition to traditional piano sounds, kids can also experiment with different sounds ranging from organ, electric piano, harpsichord, flute, harp steel drums and more. Once kids become well-versed with the piano, they can enjoy playing any one of the piano’s 25 “Short Phrase Sounds” than provides rhythmic beats and short compositions so kids can begin learning the fundamentals of music. 

The smaller keys are well-suited for kids’ hands and since the unit is so compact, it can be easily transported from room to room, or even to friends’ houses where kids can enjoy playing music together. The sound quality is rich and is amplified by the unit’s built-in speakers. 

It’s definitely pricey at $499 (although I’ve seen it listed for $299 at other online sites), but could be worth the investment if you don’t want to fully commit to purchasing a full-size piano and want to test out music lessons to see how interested your child is. You never know, you may just have the next Billy Joel in your household.



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The giveaway runs from Wednesday, Dec. 7 – Wednesday, Dec. 14 (Read the official rules here.)