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Consider a Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone for Dad this Father’s Day [GIVEAWAY]

Nokia Lumia 900

Father’s Day is just around the corner and what dad wouldn’t want a brand new mobile phone as a thank you for all he does for the family? There are plenty of options out there to consider in the mobile phone category, but a recent entry to the competitive marketplace is the Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone, and it’s definitely worth taking a look at.

Out of the box, the phone looks and feels substantial with a wider-than-iPhone screen. There is definitely heft to the phone, but turning it on and seeing the bright and vibrant interface coming to life makes the 4.3” screen size worth it. The home screen is a departure from the little app icons you find on an iPhone and instead greets you with takes a little getting used to with big, bold boxes that Nokia calls “live tiles.” Users will immediately get a keen sense of how the phone works just by playing around with the touchscreen and easy-to-use interface.

As for some of the hardware features, the Nokia Lumia 900 comes with an 8 MP built-in camera with flash, a front-facing camera, 16 GB internal memory plus SkyDrive cloud storage, a headset jack, a Micro USB port and it runs the latest Windows platform on the 4G LTE network on AT&T, which makes it super fast. It also boasts a 7 hour-long battery.

The apps that come with the phone are pretty standard. Of course, there’s email, web access, Facebook, Twitter, but also apps like Office Hub (for editing/viewing Office documents), ESPN ScoreCenter, Flixter, AT&T GPS Navigator and even Xbox LIVE, perfect for when dads want to finish their gaming from on-the-road. If dad is an entertainment junkie, he can watch the latest TV shows through the AT&T U-verse Mobile app which provides streaming content from shows like ESPN Classics, Grey’s Anatomy, Cougar Town, Revenge and more (though the selection is limited), and pricing is additional per month. Many more additional apps are available for free or purchase directly on the phone from the Nokia app store.

With all the bells and whistles it comes with, calling the Nokia Lumia 900 phone just doesn’t do it justice. The sleek design, amazing camera and cool apps are just a few features that make it a must-have accessory for any deserving dad.

Under contract, the Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone sells for $99.99 from AT&T and the full retail value of the phone is $449.99 without a contract. You can find more information on pricing here. The phone is available for purchase through your local AT&T store or online






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The giveaway runs from Tuesday, June 5 – Tuesday, June 12.  






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