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Cool Electronic Toy for Kids: Symphony in B. by B. Toys

Symphony in B.

Last week, Toca Band was selected as Screen Play’s app of the week for the sheer fun of mixing and matching musical melodies and rhythms. If you’d like to give your child a similar musical experience in the real world (as opposed to the virtual one), Symphony in B. by B. Toys is a gem of a toy that kids of all ages will enjoy. 

B. Toys is known for its innovative, colorful and highly interactive toys. I featured another one of its popular products last year – the Alphaberry. Symphony in B. is another hit and combines so many different learning experiences into one. Fashioned as an orchestra pit of sorts, the toy lets its users explore different sounds, lights and musical combinations. 

Similar to the Toca Band app where players and instruments can be moved around to hear different effects, the 13 instruments that come with this toy do the same thing. Kids can place up to six instruments in the center and the sensors at the bottom immediately play whatever sounds that particular instrument makes. With 15 different songs to choose from and 13 instruments, the different combinations are limitless. 

Buttons on the toy also designate which instruments are classified as percussion, woodwinds, brass, keyboard and strings. Maybe a concept a tad advanced for its youngest users, but great tidbits to know as kids learn more about instruments. In addition to forming an appreciation for music, the Symphony in B. also helps kids practice learning about colors and shapes when putting the instruments back into place. 

B. Toys has created another masterpiece with the Symphony in B. Your little musical genius will love it. 

To see how the toy works, check out this video demonstration.


Symphony in B. is available from for $49.99.