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Couple Lets Facebook Decide Newborn’s Name


When you’re expecting, choosing a name can be such an exciting (and oftentimes confusing) step of the process leading up to the baby’s arrival. Do you go traditional or modern? Family name or something totally unique à la celebrity baby names? 

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Dave and Lindsey Meske found themselves in a similar predicament and turned to Facebook for help. While expecting baby #2, a girl, the Meskes could not decide between two names and decided to rely on their social network of friends, family and the public to choose for them. 

They created a Facebook poll offering their top two choices, “Madelyn,” “McKenna” and two others, “Emily” and “Addilyne” and let it loose, hoping to get resolution on their daughter’s name. They released the poll and were shocked to find that not only did their immediate circle respond, but so did thousands of others, more than 4,200. Responses came in from all over the world from Iceland to New Zealand and after 2 ½ months of voting, the winning name turned out to be Madelyn, just barely winning over Emily. The couple stated up front that they would honor whichever name was chosen, so Madelyn it is. 

The Sun-Times quotes the happy dad as saying, “That’s my favorite – I’m very happy about it.” 

If you couldn’t decide on a baby name, would you turn to Facebook to decide for you?




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