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Create a Baby Registry from Any Online Site with

Baby registries are so fun to create. At least they are in theory. But when you walk into Babies ‘R Us as a first-time expectant mom - clueless about car seat “systems,” diaper Genies, differences between swaddling cloths and burp cloths, and if you really need a wipes warmer - it can be an overwhelming experience.

A new website called (yes, there is no .com) is making the baby registry process so much easier by letting parents-to-be register for gifts from any online store. Did you read about a great baby bouncer that’s only available from an online boutique in California? You can add it to your BabyList. How about a line of eco-friendly onesies from an Etsy shop? You can add it to your BabyList. You get the gist. Anything you find online can be easily added to your personalized online registry with this new service.

It’s a simple process. Go to to register, which basically entails entering an email address, password and a title you designate for your BabyList. This will give you a personalized URL, like, that you can send to friends and family that shows what you have gathered for your online baby wish list. You then drag a browser extension to your bookmarks bar which immediately appears as an “Add to BabyList” button which you click on anytime you’re on a website and see something you want to add.

The registry shows images of what you want, as well as from which stores the items come. It works like a regular registry where users can see which items have been purchased (or “reserved”) and which are still available for purchase.

Save yourself the hassle and the mini anxiety attack at Babies ‘R Us and take your time building your registry with A little more time to read online about what you do and don’t need will save you from having to return that cashmere pillow that simulates the mom’s heartbeat. 





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