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“Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood” Premieres Today on PBS!

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

Last August, when I wrote about PBS’s announcement of its new forthcoming series, “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood,” based on characters from “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood,” it seemed like it would be ages before the show actually aired. Well, the wait is FINALLY over and the new series based on an adorable 4-year-old Daniel Tiger premieres today! 

Donning a familiar red sweater from Mr. Rogers’ era, Daniel Tiger takes toddler and preschool-aged viewers through everyday adventures he has with his friends, teaching important lessons about friendship, learning, sharing, being a good citizen and more. 

The complementary Daniel Tiger website features clips from the show, along with games and printables. 

As someone who grew up watching Mr. Rogers, I’m thrilled that his legacy continues for another generation of red sweater-loving viewers.


Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood premieres today on PBS. Click here to find when the show airs in your area.