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Do You Surf Before You Snooze?

As parents, we barely get enough sleep as it is. Add technology to the mix and our sleep habits are further impacted, for the worse. According to this infographic by Take Part, TV, surfing on the Internet, gaming and texting are part of many people’s nightly routines and could be contributing to a decrease in sleep quantity and quality. 

In a post I wrote last year, “Turn Off the Technology to Get Better Sleep,” I referenced a survey from the National Sleep Foundation that found that 95% of people between the ages of 13 and 64 use an electronic device in the hour before bed. And adding up all the devices graphed in this image and the different age groups represented, this tells a similar tale. No surprise that texting and gaming are more predominant among younger generations and that 20% of Gen Y and 18% of Gen Z find themselves even being woken up by the familiar blip/ding/ring/buzz of an email or text coming through. 

We’re tied to our devices enough throughout the day. If you find technology to be disrupting your sleep because it’s an integral part of your nighttime routine, it’s time to consider leaving your device in a separate room or completely off so that you get enough rest to tackle all those emails fresh in the morning. 

How Technology is Muscling in on Our Sleep: A TakePart Infographic


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