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Does Your Child Know How to Use a Smartphone?


If so, she’s in the company of 75 percent of children in this country aged 2-13 who have access to a smartphone and use it regularly. A recent study called, Mobile Playgrounds: Kids, Family & Mobile Play, by research firm PlayScience also found that half of kids have access to an iPod Touch, more than a quarter use tablets and a third of kids 10-13 have their own smartphones. Unbelievably, the survey also found that six percent of kids ages 2-5 have their OWN smartphones as well. 

And if you’re talking about smartphones, you have to talk about apps as well. App behavior was also surveyed and PlayScience found that ‘keeping kids occupied’ and being ‘good for travel’ were the two main reasons why parents purchase apps. Next in order of responses included, ‘promoting tech savvy,’ ‘teaching kids new things,’ ‘relaxing’ and ‘reinforcing learning.’ 

Think about how many apps you’ve downloaded recently. One, maybe two? According to the survey, the majority of parents downloaded between one and five in any given month. And interestingly, dads paid an average of $0.45 more for phone apps and $0.75 more for tablet apps than moms. 

PlayScience also found that the kind of play that parents and kids are engaging in with apps presents a “significant opportunity for developing multiplayer games for kids and families on these devices.” Games like Yoomi Duo for iPad and Toca Boca apps are a great starting point for finding activities that you and your children can play together. This is just the start of how “family board game night” is being redefined. 

What are your favorite ways for playing on your devices with your kids?





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