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An Electronic Kids’ T-Shirt That Totally Rocks


A typical post on Screen Play covers anything from gadgets, electronic toys, news and trends in the technology industry to Facebook and more, but covering electronic clothing is definitely a first. The Kids Electronic Rock Guitar t-shirt by ThinkGeek is a cool sartorial statement to any edgy kid who wants to mix a little fashion with function. 

This t-shirt is actually playable, with every button on the neck emitting the sound of a major chord. Just like a regular electric guitar, you strum the strings and voila, music from your shirt! All the chords are recorded from a real electric guitar, making the sound very authentic. The shirt also comes with a magnetic pick for added effect as well as a mini amp that clips onto your budding rock star’s belt. Here’s a link to a YouTube video of someone actually playing his shirt in a band (even though the end is a little bizarre). 

And of course you’re wondering if it’s possible to even wash the garment if there are electronics involved. And the answer is yes! The neck is attached to the shirt with hook and loop hardware, so can easily be removed, as can the cable that attaches it to the mini amp. 

Finally, if your kids aren’t really into rocking out on the guitar, ThinkGeek also offers a similar kind of t-shirt that instead unleashes your child’s inner drummer. The Kids Electronic Drum Kit t-shirt offers seven different sounds and is just as much fun.

If you want to join in the music extravaganza, you’ll be pleased to know that adult sizes for these t-shirts are offered as well. May be time to start that family rock band. 

ThinkGeek is offering a special right now and if you purchase the Kids Electronic Rock Guitar shirt for $19.99 (regularly $29.99), you get the Kids Drum Kit shirt for free. 




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