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Facebook Offers New “Expected: Child” Status


If you’re pregnant and want your Facebook friends to know without having to broadcast it on your wall, you can take advantage of Facebook’s new “Expected: Child” status. The feature even lets you include your baby’s due date and chosen name. 

To update your information, simply go to your profile, click on “Edit Profile,” then “Friends and Family” and you’ll see the pull-down menu where “Expected: Child” is listed as an option. Upon clicking it, you can then provide the additional details about your baby-to-be. 

Facebook probably made this addition as a way to compensate for the parents want to create profiles for their babies in utero, but are no longer able to, because of Facebook policy. A couple months ago, fetus Marriah Greene got some attention when her parents created a page for her, listing God as her employer, swimming and soccer as her sports and “Look Who’s Talking” as an entertainment choice. The new “Expected: Child” status is a much easier way to let people know that you have a bun in the oven.








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