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HandTrux Digger

With every progressive year of your child’s life, it seems like the birthday party invitations increase exponentially. There’s always a birthday party lurking around every weekend and the gift selection process starts becoming mundane after the umpteenth trip to the nearest big box toy store. 

We’ve all hit our nearest Target for a last-minute gift fix, but if there’s a gift occasion for a special kid coming up, is a great place to look. You won’t find hundreds or even tens of toy options here for that matter. What you will find is a site that features a new, hand-picked toy each week that has been expressely chosen for its fun-factor and it quality. Accompanying each week’s pick is a video demonstration of the toy in action, usually by the site’s founder, toy expert James Geisen. 

I recently tested out the site and the Toy of the Week was this HandTrux Digger, a very cool contraption that kids place their arms into and then can use to dig, dig, dig away in sand (or even snow). The toy is of very high quality and is one that I haven’t seen mass-marketed, which adds to the site’s appeal. Some of the toys chosen are launched exclusively on, which makes the site one of the only places you can get them. And once the its inventory of each featured toy is gone, it’s gone – there’s no re-stocking.

The next time you’re looking for a cool toy, try checking – chances are, you’ll find one.








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