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Gazelle Gives Cash Back for Used Gadgets


For those of you lucky enough to be sporting a new shiny gadget from Christmas – perhaps an iPhone 5 or iPad mini – you’ve probably been swooning over it too much to realize that you have extra money on your hands from your older gadget that has been quickly cast aside. 

Yes, the cost of a new device of any kind can be very steep, but getting some money back from your used gadgets can certainly help defray the cost. A site called Gazelle can recoup some of the money spent and get you the cash your old device is worth within days. 

Upon going to the site, you simply designate which item you’re looking to get appraised – and they buy back devices such as iPhones, iPads, iPods, MacBooks and Macs. A lot of Apple products, but they also accept phones from LG, Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry, HTC and more. 

Gazelle offers cash back for used electronics

I completed the process recently with an iPhone 4 and based on its condition (flawless), was given the value of $157. (Though a little odd that trying it again now, the value has been bumped up to $170.) After you decide that you do indeed want to sell it back, you simply enter your details and then Gazelle automatically ships out a prepaid box for you to send your device back in. 

I received my box a couple days later and after making sure my phone was completely backed up, I did a factory restore to remove all data and packaged it up, per the included instructions. And as an aside, Gazelle guarantees a full data wipe upon receipt as well, but I reset it to be extra safe. 

Within a few days, I received an email notification that my shipment had been received and that it was undergoing analysis. Shortly thereafter, I was sent another email that the original appraisal was indeed correct at my $157 check was on its way. 

It was a very simple process that made the cost of the iPhone 5 a little less painful. And the best part was that Gazelle pretty much did everything for me. Now onto find other electronics around the house I can sell back...







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