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Get a Personalized Video Message from Santa (for Free!) from Portable North Pole

Portable North Pole

The countdown to Christmas is on and there are only six days left until jolly ‘ol St. Nick makes his visit down chimneys around the world. If your kids are on the edge of their seats and need a brief visit to tide them over, Portable North Pole brings Santa to you in the comfort of your own homes, without having to face the madness of the malls. 

Portable North Pole is a free service that lets you create a customizable video greeting from Santa himself. Upon visiting the website, you are prompted to answer a series of questions about your child. Boy or girl? Naughty or nice? And then more detailed questions like how old the child is, what the most requested Christmas gift is and if he or she is working on something in particular, like eating vegetables or stopping thumb sucking. 

After the questions are answered, as if by Christmas miracle, a fantastic video is ready that includes a very realistic vision of Santa at the North Pole talking directly to your child about his visit, how the child has been this year and if they’ve made the naughty or nice list. There are reindeer, elves, everything you’d think would be at the North Pole on display in this video and the audio and visual accompaniments are very high quality. You can even include a photo of your child and see it displayed prominently in Santa's big book in the video. 

Kids will be more than overjoyed to know that Santa sent them a very special video message – and it’s the perfect thing to help kids contain their excitement for the rest of this week.








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