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Holiday Gift Ideas for Techie Dads (and Dudes)

It’s getting to be that time of December when you really need to start making decisions about holiday gifts for people. While desperation hasn’t quite set in yet, a mere two weeks remain until Christmas Eve hits and the window of shopping opportunity quickly closes. 

If you are shopping for a techie dad (or dude), consider some of these great gift options that will satisfy his geek (and make you look like a terrific gift giver!).


When he’s relaxing with his iPad, maybe watching a movie or just catching up on news, why not do it with a little more comfort. The TyPillow secures houses the iPad and also provides a soft microsuede exterior that makes for a more comfortable browsing experience. (Works with all regular-sized iPads, $34.95)


USB Shaver

This USB Shaver from ShaveTech is a perfect stocking stuffer for your tech guy-on-the-go. As you guess, it’s charged with a simple USB plug in and is very compact. Great for international travelers, too, who don’t have to worry about travel adapters and chargers. ($39.99)



Tech guys who are looking to improve their golf game will benefit from the high-tech SensoGlove. In addition to serving as a glove, the SensoGlove has built-in sensors that actively monitor hand pressure and helps golfers modify their grip. When gripped to hard, the sensors alert its users to lighten up. ($89)



And since he’s already trying to improve his grip, he may as well be looking at his swing, too. The GolfSense gadget is a nifty attachment that clips onto the golf glove and instantly monitors tempo, angle and more on the complementary free mobile app (for iOS and Android). It’s like having a personal coach on his device.  ($129.95)



A true griller knows no seasons. If your tech guy is an avid griller and does so through any kind of weather, the iGrill is a great cooking companion. It’s a wireless Bluetooth device that does everything from measure meat temperature to serve as a timer for cooking. Using the complementary app (for iOS and Android), grillers can monitor their meat from up to 200 feet away. ($79.99)



Online back-up might not be the gift he has been dropping hints about all year, but imagine how he'd feel if he lost all those precious videos and photos of the kids. BackBlaze is an online back-up that lets him secure all the data (multimedia, music, data, documents, etc.) for only $50 a year. And unlike other providers out there, BackBlaze offers unlimited storage. 



For the athlete, these AfterShokz headphones are a sleek way for him to listen to his tunes while he works out. Called “open ear” headphones, these do the task of emitting great sound, while also not obstructing ambient noise like traffic, oncoming cars, etc. ($79.95)


Bose SoundDock

The Bose SoundDock is a terrific speaker for anyone with an iPod or iPhone. Not only does it boast incredible sound, but it also serves as a docking station. He can access his music library from the device itself or use the included wireless remote to reign as the household deejay. ($224)



For a more portable sound speaker option, the Amplifiear is a simple and cheap gift that still produces great results. It simply clips onto the corner of the iPad, where the speaker is housed, and creates an immediate sound booster. ($24.99)







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