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How About a Kindle Fire for You AND a Friend? [GIVEAWAY]

Kindle Fire

Sharing is fun. Even more fun when it’s an awesome tablet with access to more entertainment options than you can imagine. While we are blaming kids for taking over our tablets and using them for distraction, entertainment and gaming, there’s no reason why we can’t use them for the same reason.

The Kindle Fire is just that feature-rich tablet that provides plenty of opportunities to get away from the madness of the day, whether you use it in the carpool line, at your son’s piano lesson or after the kids have gone to bed. All parents can relate to this madness, so wouldn’t it be nice to share in this distraction with someone else? [See giveaway details below!]

I have always been a big proponent of holding physical books, magazines, newspapers, etc. and satisfying the tactical need to feel the actual product in between my hands. But when I tested out the Kindle Fire, I realized that there’s room for both physical and digital modes in my life. The compact 7” touchscreen Kindle Fire is lightweight and features a clear and vibrant display, along with an 8 hour-long battery for those long road trips. The Android platform is a very intuitive interface and offers easy navigation through the limitless apps, websites, games, reading and entertainment options on the Kindle Fire.

Although the Kindle brand itself originally launched as an e-reader, the Fire goes way beyond just books. Connected to the Amazon marketplace, Kindle Fire users literally have Amazon’s entire inventory of entertainment, products, goods and services at their fingertips. Your Amazon account is connected to your Kindle, so you can instantly be entertained by its 20+ million options for movies, TV shows, songs, magazines and books. If your child is using your Kindle to access her favorite kids’ books, just be aware of the fact that your account is linked, so purchases can be made easily and quickly with the push of a button.

All Kindle Fire users get one month of Amazon Prime for free, which means access to current films, TV shows, magazines and more that get downloaded instantly to the device – as well as free two-day shipping for any purchases made during that first month. There are so many options for free content, I didn’t feel a need to go beyond those benefits in that first month. There’s a “Free Books” section with 100 books that’s constantly updated, so right there is a plethora of content for your reading pleasure.

In addition to the streaming content, Kindle Fire users also have full access to the Web, email and Android apps via the Amazon Appstore for Android (features a free app every day!), so your kids will be happy to know that Angry Birds is indeed possible on the Fire. The device provides unlimited free cloud storage for all your digital content, so if the 8GBs of storage that comes with the device isn’t sufficient, you can always rely on the cloud for additional space.

For the sheer amount of content accessible via Amazon and the functionality and ease-of-use with the Kindle Fire, it’s a device that’s well worth the $199 price tag. And I’m sure a lucky friend of yours would agree.



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The giveaway runs from Tuesday, May 1 – Tuesday, May 8.