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How Many Sheets of Paper Would it Take to Print Facebook?


No, this isn't an SAT question for Generation Y, but a question answered by a recent study conducted by a company in the UK. While there’s barely a day that goes by when Facebook isn’t in the press, like the new Timeline, Facebook depression or the company's $75-100 billion valuation for its impending IPO, Cartridge Save wanted to take a lighter look at this social networking behemoth. Turns out that in addition to its valuation, Facebook amounts to billions in other ways as well.    

Cartridge Save, an online cartridge retailer, looked into Facebook user habits and deduced some interesting things. In its survey of 2,000+ Facebookers, the company found that 62 percent of them updated their Facebook status once a day. Based on this figure and the estimated 800 million users worldwide, the company came up with the following wacky fun facts


-          It would take 11.5 BILLION sheets of paper to print every status update for one year

(The same amount for half a million Oxford English Dictionaries)

-          It would take 573 MILLION hours to read every status update made in one year

(The same amount of time it would take to fly around the world 8.5 million times)

-          Using an average printer, the ink to print out these status updates would cost more than $231 million dollars

(The same cost of building two London Eyes)


So, the next time you chide yourself for wasting time on Facebook, realize that it’s a mere fraction of just how much time you could spend reading people’s status updates. 



via Mashable


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