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If You Fear Being Without Your Phone, You Have Nomophobia


Imagine yourself out running errands only to realize you’ve left your phone at home. If fear and panic are the two things that immediately strike you, you may be a nomophobe. What is that, you ask? It’s a fear of something very real – being without your phone. Yes, there is actually a term for this Web 2.0 generation affliction, “nomophobia”. 

A recent study by SecurEnvoy in the UK found that nomophobia is on the rise. After surveying 1,000 people, a whopping 66 percent of respondents said they have a fear of not having their phones. In order to combat this fear, what’s more surprising is that 41 percent of respondents have a back-up phone (and some even a back-up to their back-up) to ensure they are always connected. 

Both men and women were similarly nomophobic (61 and 70 percent, respectively), but the survey found that people aged 18-24 demonstrated the highest levels of nomophobia. Consider that SecurEnvoy referenced another study finding that people check their phone an average of 34 times a day. It’s becoming clearer on how reliant people have become on their devices, hence the fear of being without it. 

Whether it’s the iPhone, Droid, Samsung Galaxy…do you have nomophobia?  






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