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iPad Tops Kids’ Wish Lists This Christmas


I was with a friend the other day who told me that her second grader is begging for an iPad for Christmas. An 8-year-old with his own iPad? Seems crazy, doesn’t it? Well, according to a recent survey by Nielsen, he’s in the company of nearly half of kids aged 6-12 who list the iPad as the number one item on their holiday wish lists. Forty four percent, to be exact of kids surveyed covet the iPad, with the iPod Touch (30%) and iPhone (27%) following closely behind.

Dubbed as “iHoliday 2011” by Nielsen, this upcoming shopping season will likely be an electronics-friendly holiday for many kids around the country. While they may not necessarily have their iPad wishes granted, gaming consoles are also in high demand with Nintendo 3DS and Kinect for Xbox 360 rounding out the list of top five most requested items.

Kids ages 13+ also have the iPad at the top of their lists, but interestingly, the choices thereafter become more diversified with computers, e-readers and Blu-ray players thrown into the mix.

With the bevy of iOS apps geared towards kids, the alluring interface and endless entertainment possibilities, it’s easy to see why kids want these beautiful, shiny devices. But at $499 a pop, would you ever get your 6-year-old an iPad?





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