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“It Can Wait” – Take the Pledge to Stop Texting and Driving

It Can Wait campaign

You’ve probably experienced the all-too-common event of driving along and suddenly seeing an erratic driver nearby who is trying to furiously type a message while driving. It’s cringe-worthy on so many levels, not only because you fear for the safety of those trying to drive responsibly around them, but it also makes you wonder what on earth could be that important to warrant a response at that precise moment? 

With the rise of mobile phones and devices among teens, texting and driving is becoming an epidemic. According to AT&T, 75% of teens say texting and driving is “common” among their friends, but even more frightening, 77% have seen their own parents text and drive. Raising awareness and starting the conversation with teens are the primary reasons why AT&T’s “It Can Wait” campaign is so important. 

Today, September 19th, is the day to officially pledge your support for the campaign by visiting the It Can Wait website and simply clicking a check mark signifying your pledge. You can also advocate for the @ATT campaign by announcing on Twitter that “No Text is Worth the Risk” and use the #ItCanWait hashtag. On the site, you can also view pledge video testimonials and read stories about others who have made the commitment to never text and drive. 

Consider this:

  • Texting drivers are 23% more likely to get into an accident
  • 100,00+ accidents per year involve drivers who are texting

AT&T also offers a DriveMode mobile app for Android and Blackberry (other platforms in development) that temporarily disables features on a mobile phone while driving. 

If you or your teen has ever texted while driving without consequence, think about how incredibly lucky you are to have not been involved in an accident. Please take a moment to talk to your teens today about taking the pledge and asking them to vow, for their sake and for others, to never text and drive again. 

It can wait. It can always wait.









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