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Keep Your Kids' Toy Collection Fresh with Toygaroo, "Netflix for Toys"


There have been many times when I have purchased a toy for my kids and have excitedly brought it home, only to find that after the novelty has worn off, so has the toy’s appeal. A couple days later and it's already old news. Not only is this pattern a drain on the wallet, but it also unnecessarily adds to the toy graveyard you’re keeping in the basement. 

If you’ve had similar experiences and are tired of contributing to the clutter of plastic, small pieces and light-up toys, you may want to consider Toygaroo, a site that lets you borrow toys and then return them when your kids are ready for new stimulation.

Toygaroo calls itself the “Netflix for toys” because it works in a very similar way. You sign up for a plan that best suits your needs – they offer 4, 6 and 8 toy packages per month – and then add toys to your ‘pouch.’ Pricing for the basic package starts at $24.99 (four toys delivered every other month), which is a great deal considering you don’t pay for shipping or returns. Similar to the Netflix queue, your toys are then shipped to you from pouch and are yours to keep for as long as your kids want to play with them. Using the return label included with each order, you simply send the toys back and then await your next shipment. 

There is a growing inventory of 500+ toys for infants all the way to 5+ years from all the major brands like Fisher-Price, LeapFrog, Melissa and Doug and Baby Einstein.   

Since the toys are obviously used, the first questions that probably pop up are around the level of quality of the toys and more importantly, their cleanliness factor. Rest assured, the sanitization process is very thorough. Every toy that is returned gets steam cleaned at 212 degrees, which apparently destroys 99.9% of bacteria on the spot. Then, in addition, each is thoroughly cleaned using organic, EPA-approved bleach. When ready to be shipped out again, the toy is vacuum sealed for what Toygaroo calls a “No Yuck” factor – perfect for appeasing those concerns about kids prior to yours sneezing all over the toys. 

If you want to mix up the toy inventory at your house, but don’t have money or space to spare, it’s worth filling up that pouch and jumping at the unique service that Toygaroo offers.  

New members can test out the service with a free 14-day trial. Check out the site for more details. 





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