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Kid-Proof Your iPad with Big Grips

Big Grips

If you’re using an iPad anywhere in the vicinity of children, you know that they have an uncanny ability to sniff it out and be drawn to the pretty colors and flashing lights. While there are so many fantastic apps designed for kids’ entertainment and educational purposes, sometimes kids’ lack of deft can leave you standing nearby in the event of an accidental drop. 

Rather than have to hover over them, it may be worth considering an iPad case like the Big Grips Frame that gives them a wonderfully squishy surface to grab onto while they’re watching their PBS Sprout clips or learning their letters. The Big Grips Frame is made from a durable, yet soft, foam material that is non-toxic, PVC and phthalate-free and very easy-to-clean. 

You can also purchase the Big Grips Frame with an accompanying stand that helps keep the iPad put and prevents even more slips and drops. If your kid is going to use your very expensive device as their very cool toy, it’s best to keep it safe and protected. 

And don’t forget about the Woogie for your iPhone for even more kid-friendly gadget accessories! 

The Big Grips Frame works with both iPad and iPad 2. The Frame sells for $34.95 and the Frame and Stand is $49.95.







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