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Kids In the 1980s Answer the Question - "What is a Computer?" [VIDEO]

Check out this funny video clip of kids from a Sesame Street program from the 1980s explaining what a computer is. The kids state responses like, “something you can write on” and “something you can make designs on” and “something that can help you to read.”

All good answers.

I’m guessing if you asked a similar-aged group of kids the same question now, you might get responses that sound very much the same. The innocent way in which children describe something is timeless. Although, now, you’d probably also get kids saying things like, “it’s something you can watch Dora on,” “something that plays music," or simply, "Angry Birds"! 


What’s strikingly different though (besides the fashion of the times) is the old, clunky look of the computers and the chunky keys that made such a familiar sound when pushed. Back then, computers were good for making designs – that basically included drawing straight lines – and displaying very rudimentary graphics. And who can forget the good 'ol days when you had to type in code to be able to send emails. Does anyone remember <pine>?

How far technology has come! 


h/t Huffington Post